To know Jerusalem takes a lifetime. To feel wonderfully at home takes a stay at the David Citadel. You're pampered by the largest bedrooms in Jerusalem – serene, sophisticated and rich in indulgent surprises, from Frette linens to Bulgari amenities. You linger over meals on our luxurious garden terrace, an oasis filled with birdsong, where families discover favorite places to gather, and couples easily forget there are other guests.

A design icon in its own right, the David Citadel is also the centerpiece of a grand architectural vision, uniting this ancient and contemporary capital. Here, at one breathtaking address, Old City and new face each other, a conversation in Jerusalem stone: The legendary Ottoman walls facing the sculptural elegance of a modern landmark.
The hotel is a dialogue between Israel's most famous architect, Moshe Safdie, and one of today's most sought-after interior designers, Piero Lissoni. From their grand public spaces to the smallest luxury details, you sense these two modern innovators responding to each other, and to the masterpiece that is Jerusalem. The same is true in our rooms and suites. Each one is an interplay of bespoke furnishing and lighting, hand-hewn local stone and expertly chosen views. Like the city itself, the architecture of the David Citadel brings together styles and centuries, creating a designer hotel like no other.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Grill bar
  • Sushi Bar
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Children Play center

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